Paintings of beach huts, landscapes and seascapes by Linda Monk
Sold Paintings

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   A sample of some my sold oil paintings

Out to Sea

London Bus at Night

Along the Beach

Lighthouse 2

3 Squirrels on Blossom Tree

Beach Hut by the Sea

Seascape (E)

Day on the Beach

Sea (E)

Venice 2

Beach Huts and Boat On The Spit

Looking out to Sea (2)

Sand Dunes

The Harbour

Seascape (F)

By The Sea

Seascape (D)

Overlooking the Sea

Lifeguards on The Beach

Sea (H)

Sunset (2)

Sailing Boats

Sea (D)

British Beach Huts

Corner House at Night

Brandenburger Tor bei Nacht

The London Bus

Houses of Parliament

Reichstag at Night

The Streets of London

Houses of Parliament

Beach Huts on the Sand

The Lighthouse

Beach Huts and Boat

Beach Huts in the Sun

Four Beach Huts


Beach Huts in Summer

Heading Out To Sea


Seascape (C)

Seascape (A)

Rolling Sea

Pebbles on The Beach

Seascape (B)

Sea (F)



Ferry Terminal

The Sea

The Estuary

Lighthouse on the Quay

Sea (A)

Fishing Boats



The Ferry


The Waterfront

The White House

Dutch Quarter

Three Pots

The Mosel

Sea (I)

Sea (G)

Sea (C)

Sea (J)

Sea (B)

Snow at Night 3

Town (1)